Panda Coin


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The Silver Chinese Panda Series is a tribute to China’s architecture and wildlife. The first Silver Pandas were minted in 1983 and contained .900 fine Silver. After a few years, China began producing Chinese Panda Silver coins in .999 fine Silver in 1989. These Silver bullion coins are from various mints across China. They includ the Beijing Mint, the Shenzhen Mint, the Shanghai Mint and the Shenyang Mint.

The obverse of the Silver Chinese Panda Coin depicts the image of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and China most enduring wildlife, the rare giant panda. Loved worldwide for its distinctive coloring, cute behaviors and beguiling innocence, the animal gives the Silver Panda bullion coin series an endearing quality.

The minutely detailed designs featured on the Silver Panda coins attract collectors and investors worldwide. In 2016, the People’s Republic of China began minting Silver Pandas in metric system sizes to better suit the international distribution of the coins. These gram sizes replaced the troy ounce sizes of previous dates in the series. While not an exact conversion, the new gram sizes provide the closest metric equivalent to the similarly sized ounce counterparts. For example, the 1 oz coin is replaced by a 30 gram coin.